OLMIN group Buying a bank, selling a bank, non-bank credit institution, microfinance organization, insurance company, financial market participant, consumer credit cooperative, and a pawnshop. Formation, merger-takeover, transformation of the microfinance organization into a bank.
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We sell, buy, transformation banks, non-bank credit organizations, microfinance organizations, insurance companies, professional participants in the financial market, credit and consumer cooperatives, pawnshops, recruit management, optimize and prescribe business processes, develop financial products, make financial models, advise on relationships with regulator, we select the participants in possession in accordance with the requirements of the regulator.

We are a team of professionals, well established in the market as an innovative group - the developer of special methods of rapid assessment (due diligence) of various financial institutions, including banks. Also, we proposed a special scheme, absolutely safe for both parties, to carry out transactions for the purchase and sale of financial companies such as banks, non-bank credit organizations, microfinance organizations, insurance companies, professional stock market participants, consumer credit cooperatives, pawnshops, and any companies from other spheres of business.

Under the present conditions of reducing the number of financial organizations, the acquisition of a financial company is a purchase of a unique asset, the value of which will invariably increase (according to experts forecasts up to 100% in the next 1-2 years).

A financial organization owned by a shareholder is the only opportunity to conduct any financial transactions within the framework of existing legislation, and is protected from restrictive policies of large state and commercial companies.

A financial organization is the only opportunity for a quality competitor at a price to service a shareholder's business.

Olmin-group has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of financial services, as well as in conducting, maintaining and structuring deals for buying, selling, mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations of financial companies.

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