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Финансовый Клуб

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The financial club is a community of investors by interests. The principle of creating a club is the general needs of participants with a mandatory lack of conflict of interest. The creation of a financial club, for example, on the basis of a bank or any financial institution, is a task dictated by the needs of the participants, since the club version allows you to be the owner of the asset, not paying for it the whole cost, but only a part.

If you take as an example a bank, the bank now is a unique asset, the value of which will increase.

A modern commercial bank is the only source of additional financing for a shareholder business with a multiplier ratio of 10: 1 (1 value of invested funds can be raised to 10 value of additional financing).

A commercial bank is a 100% guarantee of safety of funds, a shareholder due to the actions of the regulator and the policies of large state and commercial companies.

Principles of club organization

Corporate governance standards are the participation of each partner in the strategic and operational management of the organization. Proportionality of participation in the volume of attracting additional funding is each participant has a guaranteed right to apply for additional financing proportionally to the share multiplied by the capital multiplier.

Modularity of the business is each participant has the opportunity to fully use the infrastructure of the financial organization for the development of their business, while each of the businesses becomes an investment module is a self-sustaining investment project.

At the output, we have synergistic effects of interaction with the businesses partners, as well as economies of scale is each of the partners gets the right to use the effect of expanding the business (increasing capitalization opens up new opportunities for profit regardless of the participant own projects).

In the club form of ownership, such a matter as the legalization of shareholders to the regulator requirements is solved, and there is no need to attract nominal owners of the asset.

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